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To better understand the LINA project, it is important to understand the why behind the project. The LINA project’s aim is to provide a decentralized token-based payment system that will run on the blockchain. The purpose of the system is to provide a way for people “to pay each other directly, without paying expensive third-parties”. The project’s name is derived from the Latin phrase “lina fides” which means “to rely on one’s own authority”.

A slew of new cryptocurrencies have just entered the market, all of which trade at various prices. Linear is one of the most intriguing ideas that has lately surfaced (LINA).

LINA is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum that offers security for Liquids (using Buildr). This year has been a rollercoaster ride for the cryptocurrency market, with several cryptocurrencies reaching new highs and then plummeting.

Today, we’ll take a look at the LINA price forecast to see whether it’s worth adding to your altcoins portfolio in the long run.

LINA may also be used to administer a community. Clients may use the Linear Finance protocol to create, manage, and trade synthetic assets. Additionally, linear dynamic pricing provide customers with access to traditional assets such as Forex. It reduces the time it takes to settle assets since it has limitless liquidity. High-frequency traders and algorithmic traders get a significant edge as a result of this.

This article will concentrate on LINA price predictions in order to help traders and investors interested in purchasing it understand the cryptocurrency market’s possibilities. Here is a price prediction to help you understand what to anticipate from LINA pricing fluctuations in the future.

What does Linear (LINA) stand for?


Linear Finance is a decentralized Delta-one Asset system that allows users to construct assets with an infinite amount of liquidity. LINA allows cryptocurrency users to trade actual assets such as market indexes, forex, and other themed areas. Supporting the production of Linear’s synthetic asset tokens makes this feasible (Liquids).

Linear Buildr exchange, Linear Swap, and Linear exchange are all products of the protocol. With fast settlement timelines and strong security, the Linear Buildr exchange enables traders to trade liquid assets based on spot cryptocurrencies and thematic indexes. Furthermore, since Linear Buildr is a decentralized system that accepts different LINA tokens and cryptocurrencies for staking, users may earn more by increasing stake.

The Linear Swap mechanism, on the other hand, makes it simple to save money on petrol. LINA tokens may be combined on various blockchains using it. This has a favorable effect on LINA price increase. Furthermore, all holders of LINA tokens have direct access to the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), allowing them to choose from a variety of ideas and initiatives. They contribute to the simulation of the Linear ecosystem’s development in this way.

Linear exchange, in particular, makes it simple to trade a variety of liquid assets based on spot indexes and assets with near-real-time transaction confirmation. Because Linear has cross-chain capabilities, its main goal is to provide a pleasant user experience as well as high speed and scalability. Specifically, Linear Finance provides an instant solution for customers that need conventional asset exposure while also gaining access to the tremendous possibilities of blockchain technology.

Use Cases in Linear Finance

  1. LINA token holders have the ability to vote on synthetic asset oracle selection, pledge ratio, and distribution models, among other things.
  2. Prices may be updated at cheaper rates and with more frequency using oracles.
  3. Cross-chain interoperability across various blockchains, such as Ethereum, allows for faster transactions and cheaper transaction costs. Furthermore, the method works with both EVM-compatible and Ethereum-based blockchains. This allows the user to create EVM-compatible and Ethereum-based wallets at the same time. Linear can carry out this activity using smart contracts, which is sufficient.

Who Are the Linear Founders?

Drey Ng and Kevin Tai, according to the Linear Finance website, co-founded the company. It also has a tiny staff of fewer than a dozen people.

What Makes Linear So Special?

Linear Finance is based on the Ethereum network, which is a useful protocol that gives users access to a variety of supported transfer assets and chains. Linear also provides customers with access to conventional assets such as indices, currencies, and commodities through changing price feeds, in addition to digital assets. This solves the issue of ordered front-running, which is a concern with several decentralized exchange DEX systems.

LINA tokens can serve as the primary collateral for liquid assets. Users may, however, accept 20% of the basic collateral in the form of digital assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Linear Exchange provides Liquids with unlimited liquidity while keeping the settlement time frame to one second per block. This makes it ideal for high-frequency traders and those who use algorithmic trading tools.

In the short term, linear finance offers consumers the opportunity to access conventional synthetic assets and associated stocks. Notably, the planned liquidation method, which would be based on community governance, is a significant peculiarity of Linear Finance’s property. LINA holders will be able to vote on transaction costs, the amount to allocate to insurance, and other choices as a result of this.

What Is Linear Finance and How Does It Work?

Traders and investors may easily manufacture and trade a variety of synthetic assets that are based on real-world financial assets thanks to Linear Finance. When a user produces a synthetic asset, the lUSD stablecoin is used to over-collateralize it. This ensures the system’s viability and prevents it from failing. This includes everything from high volatility to black swan occurrences.

By using a rewards system, users are compelled to maintain a high degree of over-collateralization for their synthetic assets. By maintaining the desired level of lUSD to the synthetic assets, you may get inflation and exchange benefits. Incentives are also utilized to preserve the p-ratio, which aids in the general health of the system.

We have a Pledge ratio, or P-ratio, in this instance. The ratio between synthetic asset holdings and the users’ lUSD collateral backing of such assets is referred to as the synthetic asset holdings-to-users-to-users-to-users-to-users-to-users-to- Even in times of extreme volatility, the P-ration guarantees that liquidity is maintained in the system. Over-collateralizing or over-pledging fuels this. To earn LINA incentives, the user must maintain a ratio of higher than 500 percent.

These transactions include the Linear system’s liquidity pools. This order, for example, allows for unlimited liquidity on the exchange and has zero slippage. Users may also receive LINA awards by contributing to the liquidity pools.

Linear was tested for many months before becoming live in February 2021, and it functioned as expected. Since then, users have been able to utilize the exchange to develop, stake, and trade their synthetic assets, as well as mint lUSD.

LINA’s Price History


Lina coins were first sold publicly on September 14, 2020, according to WalletInvestor’s Lina price forecast. The tokens were sold in two rounds, with the first token selling for $0.004 LINA. The LINA price was set at $0.0045 apiece for the second auction. The intention was for the sale to last 24 hours, but it was cut short since it was 40 times oversubscribed. In that regard, the future price prospects of LINA were set to be an exciting story to follow.

LINA Price Forecast 2021

The price of LINA is projected to hit $0.0054 in September 2021, then decrease to $0.0053 in November 2021, according to LINA estimates. By December 2021, an optimistic forecast of LINA up to $0.0057 is anticipated.

Price Forecast for LINA in 2022

The LINA coin is expected to be worth $0.0065 or more by 2022. However, LINA is projected to drop in value to $0.0064 by June 2022, then to $0.0068 by December 2022.

LINA Price Forecast 2023

According to market experts, the LINA price forecast for January 2023 is $0.0069, with a rise to $0.008 in July 2022. The price of LINA will then climb to $0.0084, a value gain of 110.7 percent.

Price Forecast for LINA in 2024

The price of LINA will hit $0.0086 in March 2024, then rise to $0.0107 by November 2024. Nonetheless, it will increase to $0.0111 by the end of December 2024. It’ll be around $0.01 for a while.

LINA Price Forecast 2025

The price of LINA will reach $0.013 in January 2025, and $0.125 in March. Long-term investors will benefit greatly from this.

Year Prediction of Prices Prediction of a High Price
2021 $0.006 $0.0065
2022 $0.0065  

Technical Analysis by LINA

Though it is difficult to have 100 percent accurate technical analysis for Linear Cryptocurrency in practice, TradingView offers a sophisticated technical analysis tool that allows you to view the real-time aggregated LINA buy-and-sell rating for a time period specified in minutes. This tool uses common technical indicators like Pivots, Moving Averages, and Oscillators to provide a summary of LINA/USD.

Where can I get LINA and how can I get it?

Popular crypto exchange platforms like MXC and BitMax, as well as certain decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, offer the LINA currency for trade. Unfortunately, unlike other popular cryptocurrencies, LINA cannot be bought with fiat money. LINA tokens may be purchased using ETH, Bitcoin, USDT (Tether), and BNB on any major trading platform.

You may use Binance or any other reputable crypto exchange site that allows fiat money deposits. Binance is well-known for its crypto-to-crypto trading. You’ll add a payment method, such as a credit/debit card or even a bank transfer, after successfully completing the KYC procedure, and then purchase one of the major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, Bitcoin, BNB, and so on.

You may now purchase LINA tokens on the exchange after your deposit has been verified.


Any project that is cross-chain interoperable addresses major blockchain problems such as gas costs and provides a great user experience. Linear Finance is built on several blockchain initiatives and provides all of these advantages to its customers. The LINA token, for example, is an ERC20 standard that can be used to enable staking incentives for users who want to create synthetic assets like IUSD. Users’ synthetic assets may also be maintained by a portfolio supplied by linear, allowing for fast and simple asset trading. The initiative continues to expand on a daily basis, with more potential investors joining in.


Linear LINA is a blockchain token that provides consumers with a universally available currency that can be used to make purchases from merchants. Consumers can also get it from cash machines, use it to pay bills, and even get a salary from it. Linear LINA can be traded on a variety of exchanges. Here is a list of exchanges that trade the token:. Read more about lina price prediction 2022 and let us know what you think.

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