Polygon Gained 75,000 New Users and Price Soars Upto 30%

Polygon, a gaming site owned by Vox Media, announced that it had gained 75,000 new users and saw their price surge to $0.80. This is the second time in two months that this has happened to them – could this be an indication of what’s to come?

The polygon crypto news is a website that is owned by Vox Media. It has recently gained 75,000 new users and the price of the coin has soared to 30%.

  • Within a week, the number of active Polygon users had risen to 75,000.
  • Polygon is attracting more users because it provides “cheap and quick transactions.”
  • MATIC, a polygon, has increased by 30% in a single day.

Within a week, Polygon acquired 75,000 new active users, demonstrating the growing demand for layer-two decentralized apps. It’s the most popular way to create Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

The top 20 Polygon Dapps, according to DappRadar statistics, are the cause for the increasing number of users. New users generated about $1 billion, and new users are referred as as active wallets of Polygon Dapps.

DappRadar also observed an increase in the number of Polygon Dapps from 61 to 93. Developers utilize Polygon in the following ways, according to Ian Kane, DappRadar’s senior content and media relations specialist:

“Intriguingly, Polygon dapp developers are just duplicating popular dapps on Polygon and other chains like as BSC and Ethereum, since the bulk of DeFi dapps are based on open-source architecture. Rebranding them, adding a few new features, and putting them out on Polygon with one major difference.”

Polygon also appeals to many users because it provides “cheaper and quicker transactions” than Ethereum-based rivals.

Matic jumps 36% in a single day.

In the last seven days, MATIC, Polygon’s initial coin, has experienced considerable growth. This is one of the year’s best-performing cryptocurrencies.

MATIC’s value increased by 5.7 percent to $1.66, giving it a week-to-week gain of more than 71 percent. It was selling for $2.11 this afternoon, up 36% on the day, 137 percent in a week, and 10,233 percent in a year.

Lark Davis, a crypto specialist, also tweeted about MATIC’s new all-time high.

Furthermore, MATIC has climbed into the top 16 with a total market capitalization of $14 billion at the time of writing. Two additional projects have been added to the mix.

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