Top 10 Crypto Hedge Funds: Investment Guide

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Cryptocurrency hedge funds have been a hot topic in the past few months, with many people wondering what these funds are and how they work. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the most popular crypto hedge funds on the market today.

The top crypto hedge funds 2020 is a list of the top 10 cryptocurrency hedge funds. This article will go over what to look for in these funds and why they are worth investing in.

We understand that diving into the realm of financial jargon may be difficult and tedious, but it is necessary for the astute crypto investor. Take hedge funds for example: What exactly are they? They’re a kind of investment vehicle in which participants combine their money so that a fund management may invest it all together.

Doesn’t this sound a lot like a unit trust or a mutual fund? That’s correct. Hedge funds, on the other hand, are often far more aggressive and seek greater returns for their investors. 

We’re interested in crypto hedge funds that invest in cryptocurrency initiatives for our objectives. Consider it similar to entrusting your money to a fund manager to invest in cryptocurrency on your behalf. A hedge fund could purchase a large number of altcoins during a pre-ICO sale or invest in Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. It all relies on the fund manager’s opinion of where the greatest profits may be made.

Should You Invest in a Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund?

Crypto hedge funds are perfect for hands-off crypto investors who don’t have the time or knowledge to purchase and keep their own coins. Using a fund allows investors to delegate all cryptocurrency-related tasks to the fund management. This allows you to get exposure to cryptocurrency as an asset class without needing to purchase coins or conduct transactions. The majority of hedge funds are run by individuals who are widely regarded as market gurus. These managers do a thorough examination of where their clients’ money should be directed in order to maximize returns.

If you’re trying to determine where to invest, here’s a list of 10 of the best crypto hedge funds to consider.

Pantera Capital is a venture capital firm based in New

Pantera Capital is the first, and it is a crypto hedge fund that has received investment from Fortress Investment Group, Ribbit Capital, and Benchmark Capital. Pantera invests in a number of assets, including Bitcoin, Ox, and Omise, as well as BitOasis and BitPesa, according to its portfolio list. Pantera also has positions in bitcoin exchanges such as Poloniex, Bitstamp, and Kraken.

Dan Morehead, the former CFO of Macro Trading, founded Pantera in 2013. Over the course of its existence, the hedge fund has produced returns of more than 25,000 percent. Pantera currently manages $700 million in client assets across its five cryptocurrency ETFs. Accredited investors interested in investing in blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses are welcome to join the company.


BitSpread logo

BitSpread is a market-making fund that aims to benefit from cryptocurrency investments and hedge funds such as Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin. The company manages approximately $100 million in customer assets and generates revenue via market-making operations. Bitspread processes over 5,000 transactions each day and transacts over $1 billion in cryptocurrency per month.

Cedric Jeanson, the former COO of Nomura Holdings, founded the company in 2014. The majority of BitSpread’s profits come from hedge funds that trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Because Jeanson clearly believes in the future of Cryptocurrencies, BitSpread is a hedge worth considering.

Capital 8 Silver

Silver 8 Capital is a company that invests in digital assets and focuses on blockchain and financial technology. In addition, the firm makes substantial investments in early-stage blockchain technology startups. Silver 8 Partners has more than $300 million in digital assets under management.

Silver 8 Capital, founded in July 2015 by Manuel Anguita and Jose Suarez, invests directly in cryptocurrencies and infrastructure. Anguita and Suarez have a combined investment expertise of more than 50 years. Because of this, many people consider Silver 8 Partners to be one of the most reliable funds available.


Grayscale crypto logo

Grayscale is a digital currency-based hedge fund founded by Barry Silbert in September 2013 with about $1.6 billion in assets. This makes it one of, if not the biggest, bitcoin hedge funds. Grayscale has hedge funds dedicated to Zcash and Ethereum Classic.

Barry Silbert is well-versed in bitcoin investment, and it’s obvious that he believes in the future of digital assets. His fund’s diverse portfolio of investment trusts demonstrates this. Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ripple investment trusts are available, as well as a more diversified Large Cap fund.

Blackmoon Financial is a company that specializes in financial services.

Blackmoon Financial crypto logo

Blackmoon is an investing platform that allows users to invest in both crypto and conventional assets. The company is unusual in that it offers a one-stop shop for other hedge fund managers to establish their own compliant, tokenized funds using its crypto platform. It’s a platform created by hedge fund managers for hedge fund managers. Blackmoon’s service distinguishes itself by guiding managers through company structure and legal issues. As a consequence, Blackmoon tokenized funds may be invested in with little regulatory risk. If you’re a high-net-worth person looking to spend a few million dollars in crypto markets, this is clearly a huge thing.

Oleg Seydak, a former co-founder of Flint Capital, and Ilya Perekopsky, a former VP and CCO of, established the company in 2014. It’s simple to understand why Blackmoon is one of the top 10 cryptocurrency hedge funds, with expertise in cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and financial technology.


CoinCapital crypto logo

CoinCapital is a cryptocurrency hedge fund that specializes on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology start-ups. This business invests in and studies digital currencies in order to provide the greatest return on investment for its investors. CoinCapital is a firm believer in blockchain technology and wishes to assist in the shift to a decentralized society.

Jeff Nabers and Ryan Ballman founded CoinCapital and bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the table. Both guys wanted to decentralize retirement funds in their prior company, CoinCapital’s cryptocurrency hedge fund is being run with the same aim. The firm offers blockchain companies, institutions, and private investors investment possibilities.

Bitbull Fund is a hedge fund that invests in bitcoin

Bitbull Fund logo

Bitbull, a cryptocurrency hedge fund headquartered in San Francisco, was founded in 2016 and invests in crypto assets and businesses. Investors don’t have to waste time looking for the appropriate investment possibilities when they use Bitbull. Bitbull, on the other hand, performs the heavy lifting and builds a fund of funds for you.

Investing in Bitbull entails a multi-currency and multi-technology approach. The company, led by Joe DiPasquale, provides venture capital and early-stage investment opportunities to its clients. Bitbull has no fees and welcomes investments from anybody who qualifies. At the moment, the minimum investment is $100,000 USD.

Cryptography in general

General Crypto fund logo

General Crypto is a crypto hedge fund with over $25 million in assets under management. The company invests like a venture capitalist and is presently focused on currencies that provide answers to real-world issues. General Crypto, for example, has invested in Golem because of its decentralized computing capabilities, as well as Ripple because of its international wire transfer technology. Factom, a cryptocurrency that provides revolutionary real estate solutions, is also a major investment for the fund.

The liquidity of the General Crypto fund is one of its main advantages. The company believes in investing in liquid assets and transferring that liquidity on to its investors. This implies that customers should not be stranded in positions owing to a lack of orders. Logan Kulgar and Zach Hamilton co-founded General Crypto. So, what makes these gentlemen so unique? Logan is a serial entrepreneur who has had a lot of success in the past, and Zach is a crypto trader and venture capitalist. It’s simple to understand why General Crypto is one of the top ten crypto hedge funds in the industry with this ideal team at the helm.

Brian Kelly Capital Management is a private equity firm founded by Brian Kelly.

BKCM crypto logo

Brian Kelly Capital Management, or BKCM, was founded in July 2017 using Brian Kelly’s personal funds. When it comes to finance, when fund managers put their own money on the line, that’s generally a positive indication. After all, shouldn’t they have faith in their own abilities? The fund now manages over $50 million in assets and offers its clients a three-pronged approach: buy-and-hold for 50%, ICOs for 20%, and actively managed for the remaining 30%.

The BKCM mainly invests in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash, and Stellar. The fund also invests in more riskier tokens like as Golem, Siacoin, and Augur. BKCM is a crypto hedge fund worth watching, based on Brian Kelly’s performance and willingness to establish the company with his own money.


Superbloom crypto logo

The Superbloom crypto hedge fund is a streamlined digital currency investing platform. Diversifying portfolios and aligning incentives with investors are important to the business. Superbloom waives expenses for customers and gives them fresh tokens worth 10-20% of their existing seed holdings per year.

The first consists of a $10 million hedge fund as well as a venture capital fund. Superbloom aspires to be the gold standard for trustworthy cryptocurrency companies, with a network that represents its fundamental values. Emmie Change, a co-founder who formerly worked at Y-Combinator, aims to develop a plan that would boost the fund’s profitability and efficiency.


If you’re searching for a crypto hedge fund to invest in, you’ll have plenty of choices. We’ve just discussed 10 of them here, but there are a lot more out there, and new ones are popping up all the time. If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology but don’t know where to begin, these funds may be a good place to start. They’ve been put together by seasoned investors who are well-versed in both the digital currency and fintech industries. As you would expect, their primary aim is to provide investors with the best possible profits. 

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DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

The largest crypto hedge funds are the ones that have been around for a while and have seen success. They also offer different investment opportunities in their fund.

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