Moralis’ Series A round was led by Accel

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Today, Moralis has announced that it has raised $40M in a Series A funding round, led by Accel. Moralis is a blockchain infrastructure company that provides users with a platform to build, deploy, and operate applications on their blockchain. This infusion of capital will help Moralis to further expand their product and engineering teams, build … Read more

How is USDC different from other stablecoins?

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The introduction of USDC has boosted the cryptocurrency world, as this is unlike any other stablecoin. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to be pegged to an asset with stable prices, such as the U.S. dollar or another fiat currency, gold, or oil. Coinbase and Circle recently launched USDC (USD Coin) to create a reliable and stable … Read more

USDC is an Ethereum token that is compliant with the ERC20 standard

Coinbase and Circle have recently announced the launch of USDC, an Ethereum token compliant with the ERC20 standard. USDC is a location-agnostic digital dollar, providing a trusted and regulated digital payment option for users in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, offering the advantages of both a blockchain-based payment and the stability of the US dollar. With the … Read more

The company’s platform is helping to speed up the development of new drugs and bring them to market faster

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Insitro has recently made headlines with their $400 million Series C Financing, set to revolutionise drug development. Insitro is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop novel drug therapies faster and more efficiently. This round of funding will solidify the company’s position at the forefront of the medical tech industry. Additionally, the article will … Read more

Insitro’s machine learning drug discovery platform

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Insitro, a startup that uses machine learning to accelerate drug discovery and development, has announced that it has raised $400m in series C funding to push its mission forward. The company, which focuses on utilising machine learning to interpret molecular biology, will use the funding to enhance its cutting-edge technology and expand its capabilities. This … Read more

The potential for Tumblr to become even more popular

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For years, Tumblr has been the butt of jokes, laughing off the idea that it could ever become a popular platform. However, it has long been underestimated, and in recent years it has actually grown in popularity.Despite not getting the respect it deserves, Tumblr continues to outperform expectations, and in this article, we will explore … Read more

Online stock trading groups are bigger and more influential than ever

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Online stock trading groups have existed for many years, but recently they have become bigger and more influential than ever. In the past, these trading groups were focused on a single investment strategy, but now their scope has expanded to cover various topics related to stock trading. Online stock trading groups have become indispensable for … Read more

Background on Facebook’s Stock Biggest One-Day Drop Ever

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On Thursday, the parent company of Facebook, Meta, witnessed its largest one-day drop ever, with its stock closing down by 26%. This came after the company’s forecast for weaker-than-expected revenue growth for the upcoming quarter. This news came as a shock to many investors and has caused ripples in the tech sector. We will look … Read more