Are Free Spins and No Wagering the Exact Same Bonus


As a gamer, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy different bonuses and promotions across several platforms. Still, I believe some of the best bonuses are free. This includes free spins and no-wagering bonuses.

You may be wondering why I say some of the best are free. This is because when it comes to free spins and no-wagering bonuses, you commonly don’t have to place a bet to enjoy them. In fact, you can enjoy these at times without even having to make an initial investment.

Since the two may not require any investment, they may sound the same. The great news is that I’ve learned that they aren’t the same. Stay with me as I look at how the two bonuses are different and how a player can acquire them and enjoy them.

How They Work

Free Spins can be awarded to old and new members in an online casino. For new members, they can work as a way of encouraging them to start playing on the platform, and for older members, it could be a way of encouraging them to try out a new title that has been added to the platform. I enjoy these because they give me a chance to try out slots on a platform. Another thing with free spins is that they’re commonly associated with slot machines.

I enjoy a no-wagering bonus as it gives me a chance to experience more games on a platform. A no-wagering bonus, also known as a no-deposit bonus, gives any player a chance to increase their bankroll without depositing any money into the platform. The great news about these is that any wins accumulated can be withdrawn. Just make sure you check for any wagering requirements.

With my no-wagering bonus I can find myself even in the Live Casino section. Remember these are commonly not restricted to a particular title. The versatility in this bonus makes it even more attractive.

I hope this gives a better understanding of the difference between the two types of bonuses.

Common Restrictions

Obviously, just because they’re free, it doesn’t mean they don’t have any rules and limitations.

●           The one thing I realized, especially when it comes to free spins, is that they commonly have a fixed bet amount.


●           On the other hand, no wagering bonuses may be flexible in terms of game choice but could have some wagering requirements. They could come with a cash-out limit. This means I can’t withdraw all my wins at the same time.

Understanding these restrictions has helped me understand if a bonus is worth my time. It’s essential to always understand the conditions that surround your bonus.

The Claiming Process

To be considered eligible for one of these bonuses, it’s essential to understand the criteria used to issue them.

Often, free spins are tied to a specific action on the platform. For example, they could be tied up with a sign-up bonus or may come as a sign-up bonus. This means that to get the free spins, you will have to register as a new member on the platform. I’ve also seen that, at times, they can be attached to a loyalty program, and these will be awarded once you reach a certain tier in that program.


For a no-wagering or no-deposit bonus, I’ve come to realize that the requirements are slightly harder than those of free spins. At times, the wagering requirements may be too high for you to get your hands on the bonus. Therefore, it’s essential to understand any wagering requirements attached to it. Always research to find the best free spins no wagering offers.

Claiming Free Spins

In most cases, when it comes to free spins, there is no particular claiming process. Free spins are automatically deposited into your account as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. I’ve learned to simply check my account balance for these to ensure they have been added.

Claiming a No Wagering Bonus

Claiming a no-wagering bonus can be slightly complex when compared to free spins. There’s more to gain from a no-wagering bonus, which makes the rules more complex. In most cases, I’ve had to enter a promo code to claim this prize. If any of the wagering requirements are hard to understand, always know that you can reach out to customer support for a better explanation.

How to Understand Your Bonuses Better

●           Always read any terms and conditions attached to the bonus. I always do this to ensure I understand and claim my full bonus amount. These terms and conditions might be long, but always ensure you skim-read and understand any fine print.

●           Frequently check for updates on bonuses. I have signed up for a newsletter on my favorite platform. Although, at times, these may be annoying, they always keep me updated on any changes concerning bonuses on my favorite platform.

This sums up my article. I urge you to always remember to check the wagering requirements attached to your bonus so that you can make the best out of it.