Ether’s Advances Towards All-time High Rejected, Bulls Preparing for Another Upside Break – Ethereum Weekly

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As the crypto market continues to be volatile, Ether’s price has continued to recover from its recent dip. This week, it reached an all-time high of $839.

The ethereum options expiry meaning is a cryptocurrency that has seen its price increase significantly in the past few months. The ethereum weekly discusses the recent price drop and how it may affect the future of this currency.

Bitcoin had a fantastic week last week, owing to rumors that the US Securities and Exchange Commission was about to approve Bitcoin futures ETFs. However, the flagship cryptocurrency wasn’t the only one to see a rise. Ethereum finally put up a solid and positive performance, bringing a breath of comfort to ETH investors who had been cautious of a bullish cycle in recent weeks.

Last month, the cryptocurrency underperformed Bitcoin, but ETH bulls seem eager to alter that narrative. Despite a recent surge, Ether has failed to close above its September highs. Outside of the market, Ether seems to be benefiting from the growing DeFi industry, which has already exceeded the $225 billion barrier in total value locked.

Mark Cuban considers Ether to be the most promising cryptocurrency.

In a Wednesday interview with CNBC, the billionaire entrepreneur and TV personality backed Doge and Ethereum. Both cryptocurrencies were suggested by the Shark Tank host, who emphasized how each is uniquely suited.

For individuals who want to invest in digital assets for pleasure, Cuban thinks the former is the best option. He also believes that Ethereum is the greatest choice for prospective investors seeking for a crypto investment with the most potential.

“I believe Ethereum has the greatest potential as an investment,” the Dallas Mavericks owner told CNBC’s Make It.

Cuban, who owns Ethereum as well as many other coins, including Dogecoin, has previously praised the two cryptocurrencies. He considers Ether to be an all-around cryptocurrency and regrets not investing in it earlier. When speaking with Anil Lulla of the Delphi Podcast in April, Cuban said that Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities offered it a variety of unique use cases, such as DeFi and NFTs.

Ether and Bitcoin are expected to increase in the near future, according to FSInsight.

After many weeks of underperformance, New York-based financial research company FSInsight announced last Thursday that Ethereum had begun to catch up to Bitcoin. The price of Ethereum has increased by almost 11% this week, and FSInsight forecasts that the cryptocurrency will try to reclaim the high established in early September based on the current upswing.


In October, the market capitalization of Ether was charted.

The market capitalization of Ethereum has risen by 28 percent since the beginning of October, as anticipated. If the token continues to climb towards its all-time high, the market capitalization of Ether is likely to surpass the half-trillion mark. According to the study, Bitcoin will continue to rise, and investors should keep both in their portfolios in the short run.

The performance of the Ethereum market

According to statistics from crypto aggregator coinmarketcap, Ethereum witnessed considerable price movement last week, with the token rising on the strength of continued bullish momentum to a 7-day high of approximately $3,965 last week. Despite several failed efforts to break through $4,000, the bulls are still generally in charge and staying firm.


The 7-day trading chart for Ether

ETH/USD seems to have found some stability, settling around the $3,800 – $3,900 range after swinging in that range for a few days. Bulls may be analyzing the market before making their next move, as shown by the display. If Ether is to retest its September highs, bulls will have to be ready to fight off negative waves.

The most pressing issue right now is breaking through the resistance levels of $3,900 and $3,950, which would pave the way for a move over $4,000. A break over the first resistance level may give enough impetus for a new rally to begin.

Bulls would have to consider taking gains if bears hold their position and prevent bulls from going higher. As a consequence, there will be increased selling pressure and a bear scenario in which the price of ETH would carve a retracement path. The pair will find quick support around $3,800 in this scenario.

The latest news ethereum is a cryptocurrency that has been on the rise recently. It was rejected by the bulls, but they are preparing for another upside break.

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