Miami residents could soon receive Bitcoin dividends earned through MiamiCoin

The concept of the dividend is very simple- everyone who holds a share of MiamiCoin will receive dividends, which can be spent on resources in Miami. The more Miamians use their coins to support the company, the larger these payments are for those holding shares.

The “Miami will Suarez giving some residents” is a cryptocurrency that was created by the city of Miami, FL. The people who live there will receive dividends earned through MiamiCoin.

Miami Mayor Carlos Suarez has revealed a novel approach to bringing Bitcoin into the mainstream. Suarez revealed in an interview with Coindesk TV that any Miami citizen with a digital wallet would soon be eligible for extra earnings or Bitcoin dividends made on the city’s Miami currency.

“We’re going to be the very first city in America to pay Bitcoin yield as a dividend straight to its inhabitants,” Suarez stated in an interview on November 11.

In Miami, Bitcoin is becoming more popular. 

Mayor Suarez went on to say that the main goal of delivering Bitcoin dividends to Miami citizens is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to more people.

The Miami coin was released in August 2021 to support municipal initiatives by earning extra returns. Since then, the currency has been very popular, with rewards totaling $21 million in only three months. If the amount is annualized, it comes to $80 million, enough to cover one-fifth of the city’s yearly tax collection.

Miami coin, which is based on an open-source technology, gives back 30% of its benefits to the city when it is mined or purchased. Residents will not be obliged to possess Miami coins in order to get the free Bitcoin dividend, according to Mayor Suarez.

Mayor Suarez has long been a vocal proponent of cryptocurrency and has officially endorsed Bitcoin. Suarez and New York City Mayor Eric Adam declared last week that they would take Bitcoin as payment for their upcoming wages. Suarez said in February that he plans to turn Miami into a cryptocurrency center by enacting progressive crypto regulations and making the city more crypto-friendly in the near future.

Meanwhile, after Suarez’s declaration that free Bitcoin dividends will be distributed, the price of Miami coins has risen 18 percent to a day high of $0.02369489.

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The “Miami will Suarez giving some its” is a cryptocurrency that was created by the city of Miami. The currency is based on the idea that all Miami residents should be able to benefit from their work and investment in the city. Reference: miami will suarez giving some its.

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