Planet Fashion Launches Functional NFTs For Fashionistas, Including Luxury All-Inclusive Travel To Monaco Swim Week & The Monaco Grand Prix

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This week, Planet Fashion launches a new platform for its customers to own and collect digital assets that are curated by the company. The launch of these items will be accompanied by an all-inclusive travel package to Monaco Swim Week during the World Cup in July 2019.

Launching today, these “non-fungible tokens” (NFTs) let you own a fashionable virtual object. The NFT can be used at the Monaco Swim Week and Grand Prix in addition to gaining access to other events around the world that are otherwise inaccessible with fiat currency.

The “selling nft” is a blockchain-based fashion platform that offers a functional digital token for the luxury market. The platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade their favorite pieces of clothing and accessories with other people and brands in the same ecosystem.

Planet Fashion Launches Functional NFTs For Fashionistas, Including Luxury All-Inclusive Travel To Monaco Swim Week & The Monaco Grand Prix 1

Miami, Florida, November 26th, 2021

– Planet Fashion, a leading fashion media and event production consultancy, has announced a collaboration with The Lewis Trust and O Events UK to launch functional NFTs that serve as VIP passes for an all-inclusive travel package to Monaco in May 2022 during the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Monaco Swim Week.

The NFTs for certified digital artworks commemorating the F1 Grand Prix and Monaco Swim Week are one-of-a-kind, since they also serve as VIP entry cards for all-inclusive travel to both events. The package includes a three-day stay at the magnificent four-star Fairmont Monte Carlo hotel, as well as a private charter aircraft from either Miami or London to Nice, France. NFT holders will also have access to VIP front row seats at a number of fashion shows, as well as invitations to dinners, parties, and events where they will be able to interact with dozens of prominent fashion designers, gorgeous models, and other celebrities.

Over the following several months, Planet Fashion aims to release a total of 20 gold-level NFTs and 40 silver-level NFTs, starting with two tokens at Rarible, a creator-centric NFT marketplace, at Art Basel. The remaining tokens will be released on platforms including Nifty Gateway, Binance, and Conflux over the course of many months.

Planet Fashion has teamed up with Smart Seal to develop an authentication tag that will be included on each NFT buyer’s physical VIP card. Silver-level NFT purchasers will get the whole trip package, including VIP seats and invitations, without the private charter flights.

The maiden token release on Rarible during Art Basel will be timed to coincide with a series of high-end promotional activities. On November 28, Moet and Rolls Royce will sponsor an unique event hosted by Planet Fashion and Empress Jets at Miami’s private jet airport. Rarible CEO Alexei Falin will live-mint the first of the NFTs at the event. A live jazz performance and gourmet nibbles prepared by famous chef Brad Kilgore are expected to create a buzz, while spectators can see a live fashion display of couture clothes and explore Planet Fashion’s NFT exhibition right on the tarmac.

Planet Fashion will follow up on December 1 with a series of NFT Talks in the early afternoon at the Miami Security Building, followed by a red-carpet fashion event with art and NFT displays in the evening. Planet Fashion will next spend the evening of December 2 onboard the $12 million Hydraex mega yacht to hold a B2B networking event in conjunction with metaverse infrastructure firm Viira.

Two of the functioning NFTs will be shown and sold at each of the three Art Basel events, according to Planet Fashion.

Planet Fashion has announced that it would commercialize the NFTs in collaboration with the Raiinmaker app. Raiinmaker is a decentralized, blockchain-powered social engagement platform that allows fans to explore, develop, and earn rewards via social activity, while also aligning incentives with business objectives to increase word-of-mouth and fan affinity. The program allows for the transparent monitoring of digital impact as well as the democratic distribution of social value, bitcoin, and digital prizes generated by fan and artist groups.

The NFTs’ sales agents will be Singapore-based Epik Games and London-based H20 Labs.

Over the last seven years, Planet Fashion has organized hundreds of unique events on the Côte d’Azur, including the Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, and other venues. It is also the main organizer of the Miami Swim Week.

In its first year, Monaco Swim Week is marketed as a more upscale version of Miami Swim Week. The introduction of practical NFTs based around the event is an exciting, natural continuation of Planet Fashion’s advertising effort, which is aimed squarely at art-loving fashionistas with a taste for the finer things in life. Lawrie Lewis, previously CEO of Top Marques and current Protector of The Lewis Trust, has joined Planet Fashion on the production of Monaco Swim Week.

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PLANET FASHION TV is a television channel dedicated to fashion.

Planet Fashion is a fashion media and event production firm based in Miami Beach, Florida, that specializes in 360 marketing consultancy for companies in media fashion, influencer marketing, and technology. Planet Fashion creates, licenses, and broadcasts fashion and lifestyle information throughout the world.


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