Verasity Partners With Axie Infinity For The Ftx Galaxie Cup Professional Esports Tournament

Verasity will be partnering with Axie Infinity to host a decentralized professional Esports tournament, the Ftx Galaxie Cup. The event includes a $500,000 prize pool and is one of the first major games tournaments on Verasity’s platform.

15 November 2021, London, United Kingdom Chainwire

For the FTX GalAxie Cup 2021, Verasity, a protocol and product layer blockchain platform for esports and digital content, has partnered with Axie Infinity, the foremost NFT-based online video game. VeraEsports, Verasity’s competitive esports and video streaming platform, will be the online tournament’s official and exclusive broadcast and esports platform partner. 

The online tournament will be exclusively webcast on and, both of which will broadcast the event utilizing Verasity’s VeraPlayer. This is a first-of-its-kind relationship, with the FTX GalAxie Cup being the first to use and incorporate Verasity’s proprietary blockchain technology on the official competition website.  

The FTX GalAxie Cup is Axie Infinity’s first professional esports event for NFT gaming, and it is also the company’s first entrance into the realm of esports. The competition begins on November 27th, and both public and professional guilds will compete. Last month, the FTX GalAxie Cup opened for registration to players all around the world, and the reaction was very positive.  

“With 5,000 AXS in prize money, Axie Esports’ pre-season has laid a fantastic foundation for our competitive scene.” Around the globe, tournament organizers have been throwing incredible community events that continue to bring out the best in our community. As our community continues to push the boundaries, we will continue to invest in infrastructure to support Axie Esports.” Andrew Campbell, Axie Infinity’s Program Lead for Esports and Content Creators 

VeraEsports is a competitive esports and video streaming platform that gives advertisers, sponsors, and fans an environment that permits a simple connection with Verasity’s VeraRewards system, having secured its reputation as the top blockchain-powered watch and earn platform. VeraRewards is now included in all major video and streaming services’ software developer kits. 

By guaranteeing that procedures are clear, safe, and trustworthy, the platform is providing new social and economic possibilities for video gamers, teams, fans, tournament organizers, and marketers in the worldwide gaming industry. Furthermore, Verasity wants to greatly enhance video revenue and user engagement on video platforms, and it’s using its own incentives system to do it.

“For the FTX GalAxie Cup 2021, we’re delighted to show off our VeraPlayer.” Real-time third-party data will be put into Verasity’s unique Proof of View technology during this event. Apart from exhibiting our technology, we feel that cross-collaboration of blockchain initiatives will benefit all parties involved, and we are looking forward to this chance and what the future may hold.” RJ Mark, Verasity’s CEO, said. 

The agreement will allow viewers to earn unique awards that will only be accessible on the VeraEsports Rewards Store, in addition to providing VeraEsports exclusive broadcast rights for the FTX GalAxie Cup 2021 and simplifying the use of the VeraPlayer for the tournament. Redeemable products include custom Axie Infinity NFTs (AXIES) for the event and $VRA tokens, as well as other special things.  

Visit or beginning at 13:00 GMT +8 on November 27, 2021 and November 28, 2021 to watch (and earn) the FTX GalAxie Cup 2021.

Axie Infinity is a fictional character created by Axie.

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired world in which anybody may earn tokens via competent gaming and ecosystem contributions. Players may use their pets to fight, acquire, grow, and develop a land-based empire. Third parties may readily access all art assets and Axie genetic data, enabling community developers to create their own tools and experiences in the Axie Infinity realm. Axie is the most popular Ethereum game among daily, weekly, and monthly active players, despite the fact that it is still in early access. So far, it has earned about 13,000 ETH in income (16 million+ USD).

Concerning Authenticity is a blockchain platform for esports and digital content that includes both a protocol and a product layer. Verasity is dedicated to providing a better user experience for everyone involved in the digital content industry. We are trying to eradicate online ad fraud and NFT fraud by using our unique Proof of View technology, which provides transparency, security, and confidence – eventually transforming how digital advertising is done today. Verasity’s VeraEsports, which uses better blockchain technology and the greatest gamified watching experience, aims to dominate the esports sector.

About FTX

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange designed for and by traders. It provides cutting-edge derivatives, options, and volatility products, as well as tokenized equities, prediction markets, leveraged tokens, and an OTC desk. FTX aspires to be the most creative exchange in the business, as well as an easy but powerful platform for all types of consumers. 

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VeraEsports is a company that specializes on esports.

VeraEsports is a competitive esports and video streaming platform with fiat and digital asset economies integrated. VeraEsports will use its proprietary Proof of View technology, which is built on Verasity’s blockchain platform, to provide marketers and sponsors with an environment devoid of bots and non-human views. In the worldwide esports market, VeraEsports is providing new social and economic possibilities for video gamers, teams, event organizers, fans, and advertisers. Viewers can earn redeemable points just by watching their favorite tournament streams with VeraEsports’ revolutionary Watch and Earn program.


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