WallStreetNinja Launches Alpha Release Ahead Of ILO


ILO believes that users will utilize the platform to contribute content and play games. The company estimates their product could serve over 10 million people in a single day, expanding into further markets throughout 2019.

The “wall street and technology” is a new cryptocurrency that has launched an alpha release ahead of its initial coin offering. The currency was created by WallStreetNinja, a company that wants to disrupt the finance industry with blockchain technology.

3rd December 2021, New York, USA Chainwire

As the crypto markets erupt and decentralized ecosystems rush toward full mainstream acceptance, there has never been a better moment to start WallStreetNinja.

Unstoppable Ecosystem is a completely decentralized solution that will carry the movement ahead towards a web browser-based experience that is free of unwanted browser extensions and smartphone wallet applications.

Web-based, fully decentralized, multi-chain, swap, dApp browser, and entirely non-custodial, WallStreetNinja “the Unstoppable Ecosystem” (aka WSN) will offer the much-needed answer, including a single sign-on facility through Dfinity’s Internet Identity.

On the 2nd of December 2021, WallStreetNinja successfully released the Alpha version of their innovative technology, ushering in a new era in the Decentralized Ecosystem arena.

With a successful first product launch under their belt, WallStreetNinja is gearing up for its highly anticipated Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), which will take place on the Unicrypt platform and close on December 7th, 2021.

The WallStreetNinja Ecosystem will soon enable projects to provide unstoppable access to their decentralized consumers. Projects that operate in decentralized ecosystems are encouraged to contact the WSN team in order to have their projects whitelisted in the ecosystem’s wallet, swap functionality, and dapps section.

High-profile industry leaders including as Darkpool Ventures, Midas Touch Consulting, and CoinNexus have already funded and promoted WallStreetNinja. These types of partnerships not only give funding, but also bring value in the form of advise from subject matter experts in the fields of technology, finance, and cryptocurrencies.

“We are happy to announce the successful deployment of the product Alpha, which lays the groundwork for future development,” the WallStreetNinja team said. “We are also excited about our upcoming Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) on the Unicrypt platform, which will kickstart the WallStreetNinja Ecosystem’s token economy.”

As it pioneers the Unstoppable field of decentralized ecosystems with technologies like Pocket Network, Internet Computer, StackOS, ENS, and Brave, WallStreetNinja is gaining traction.

WallStreetNinja is a website dedicated to Wall Street Ninja.

WallStreetNinja (WSN) is a web software that gives consumers easy access to a decentralized ecosystem chain of their choosing. WSN is using decentralized computing and blockchain relays to take the self-custody wallet market to the next level. Follow WallStreetNinja’s progress on the following social media platforms: Telegram | Telegram Chat | Twitter | Gitbook | Telegram | Telegram | Telegram | Telegram | Telegram | Telegram | Telegram | Telegram | Telegram


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The “initial liquidity offering crypto” is a new cryptocurrency that has just been released by WallStreetNinja. This currency is currently in alpha release and it will be available to the public soon.

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