Wish to Check in Using Crypto? You Can Do That in These Hotels


Luxury hotels want to offer their customers the best experience, so hospitality companies have started adopting cryptocurrencies to improve the booking experience for their crypto enthusiasts and travelers. In recent years, cryptocurrencies have evolved greatly, and now, they are not a niche idea but something present in everyday operations that is improving how we handle money. The hotel industry has soon joined the crypto bandwagon, and currently individuals worldwide can check in using digital coins.

Cryptocurrencies bring a lot of benefits, including simplifying transactions and reducing the costs of borderless payments. Ethereum and Bitcoin are the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, where BTC was the first digital currency ever created, while Ether has brought a lot of innovations that have positively influenced the ETH coin price.

Here are some luxury hotels that have integrated cryptocurrencies into their operations.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/man-standing-in-bathroom-with-bathtub-next-to-body-of-water-EOAnV_C1a4w 

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Palazzo Versace Dubai is a luxury resort and five-star hotel in Dubai that has started to accept cryptocurrencies in its operations with the help of the Binance payment platform. The partnership with the most important crypto provider proves the hotel’s commitment to offering the best experience to all its customers. So, guests can now pay with their digital currencies for all travel bookings, dining experiences, spa treatments, and attending events.

The Palazzo Versace Dubai is a hotel famous worldwide for its fantastic and opulent design, and it always wants to offer the best experience to its tech-savvy clients who prefer using cryptocurrencies.

The Chedi Andermatt

The Chedi Andermatt is considered one of the finest hotels in Europe, so there is no doubt why this hotel has integrated crypto payments. This event happened back in 2021 when guests were allowed to pay for their stay using Bitcoin and Ethereum. The hotel’s location in Switzerland is one of the main factors that have made this integration possible, as the country is renowned for its commitment to financial technology. The hotel is set in a fantastic background that attracts wealthy guests, and travelers can pay with digital coins for the amenities found there, including bars, five-star restaurants, a spa, and a health club.

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts

The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts was the first boutique hotel group to accept cryptocurrencies worldwide. The hotel group has plenty of locations around the world, including in Asia and Europe, in very popular cities, including Bali, Phuket, Mongolia, the Himalayas, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Lisbon, and Madrid, where all guests can pay for their stay using Ethereum, Bitcoin, and 40 other cryptocurrencies.


The Pavilions in Phuket was one of the first to integrate this method, which was very needed, as it represents a paradisiacal resort in a fantastic location with palm trees and golden sands that offer the best conditions to its customers.

Kessler Collection

The Kessler Collection is another luxury hotel that accepted crypto payments in 2021, so its guests could use various cryptocurrencies to pay for their travel arrangements. For example, clients can pay for their stay with one of the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, PAX, USDC, or Gemini Dollar. To allow payment with cryptocurrencies, the Kessler Collection sends an email to its customers so that they will be able to use their BitPay wallet.

The Kessler Collection has numerous hotels scattered around the United States, such as Elliot Park Hotel, Beaver Creek Lodge, and Casa Monica Resort & Spa.


Soneva is a famous five-star resort in Thailand and the Maldives, and it has announced that it will integrate two important cryptocurrencies into its payments: Ethereum and Bitcoin. This initiative has been incorporated into all the Soneva properties, including Soneva Jani, Soneva Fushi, Soneva Kiri, and Soneva in Aqua.


The chain has also expanded and integrated a Soneva Villa Ownership program, allowing foreign buyers to facilitate real estate purchases in Maldives.

The Dolder Grand

The Dolder Grand is another luxury hotel set in Switzerland that offers its guests the best experiences set in an elegant surrounding where clients can dine in a Michelin-starred eatery and relax in a world-class spa by paying with digital coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Switzerland is a renowned location that has always wanted to offer its citizens the best environment, which has happened now with the help of digital assets.

The D Hotel

The D Las Vegas is a casino famous for being the first to embrace Bitcoin in its operations and other facilities, including restaurants, hotels, and front desk. The casino also has a Bitcoin ATM that makes the operations much more manageable.

Manor Hotel by JA

Manor Hotel By JA, set in Dubai in the Al Furjan community, is another luxury hotel that has started accepting crypto payments with digital coins like Bitcoin, BNB, and Ethereum. This initiative proves the hotel’s commitment to integrating new solutions and embracing each digital transformation. Guests can also try the hotel’s luxurious amenities, such as enjoying and relaxing at a rooftop pool and a spa.


As you can see, a lot of hotels have embraced cryptocurrencies in their operations, as they provide a lot of advantages, including streamlined and secure transactions that suit a wide range of services specially created for tech-savvy customers. So, now, modern travellers are armed with everything they need to enjoy a better experience, thanks to all the secure payments and exclusive perks. Cryptocurrencies have the power to transform many industries and sectors, including the hospitality industry, which can offer their clients access to ease of convenience, exclusivity, and innovation. Cryptocurrencies are the best solutions for hotels, as they provide an easy and safe payment method and reduce the need for conversion when discovering other countries.