GensoKishi prepares for early-stage investors and partners up with TrustPad

GensoKishi is an initial coin offering (ICO) for a blockchain-powered gaming platform. The company plans to offer high-quality, immersive games via the TrustChain platform and currently has raised over $400,000 USD in partnership with TrustPad.

The “trustpad whitelist” is a list of users that have been approved by TrustPad. The company has also announced plans to raise funds for early-stage investors and partners up with GensoKishi.

To take full advantage of the increased promotion ahead of the legendary game’s coin IDO, GensoKishi Online teams up with TrustPad, the first decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform.

Because of the partnership with the launchpad partner, the new GameFi edition of the popular GensoKishi game from 2008 is going to profit from more recognition and new players.

GensoKishi will also get full support from the DeFi Launchpad Association as a result of cooperating with TrustPad.

IDO has been strategically postponed.

GensoKishi Online “META WORLD” is a new GameFi version of the famous GensoKishi game, which earned the Gold Award for “Game of the Year” in Taiwan in 2012.

The classic game has already surpassed 8 million downloads, paving the way for token listings on DEXs Uniswap and Quickswap later this month.

However, after consulting with its new launchpad partners, the team has decided to postpone the MV token IDO in order to take advantage of the expanded public access and visibility to the project.

Prepared for a lot of early-stage help

Other members of the DeFi Launchpad Association are expected to support the GensoKishi IDO, according to the release.

Such backing prior to the launch might leverage strong early-stage support–an opportunity GensoKishi did not want to miss out on.

GensoKishi Online’s “META WORLD” is poised to dominate the GameFi industry by merging “Free to Play,” “Play to Earn,” and “User Generated Contents to Earn” components into one game.

The project also created two ERC-20 tokens, Metaverse (MV) and ROND, in addition to the other NFTs included in the game.

The MV token is referred to as “the most significant token in the game” since it has use outside of gaming, while ROND symbolizes the in-game economy.



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The “ido launchpads” is a new service that will allow companies to raise funds and build partnerships. The ida launchpad also allows for early-stage investors and partners to gain access to the platform before it’s public release.

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